Uncover the possibilities of real estate in the Middle East

Based in Lebanon, Spectapp is a boutique real estate firm with a focus on transforming the way we view and access the property market in the Middle East through a new, unique and immersive experience.

We embrace technology and incorporate it to improve the way sellers, tenants, buyers and small agents connect and communicate. We do business differently to give you an edge in today’s dynamic real estate market.

Founded on the basis of strong entrepreneurial spirit by two like-minded individuals with a passion for technology, innovation and change – Spectapp is the next frontier in the way small agents and consumers come together to explore new business opportunities.

Our goal is to provide sellers, tenants, prospective buyers and small agents with a most realistic feel for Lebanon’s real estate locations, using the best technologies available. We take user experience to the next level while saving you time, money and effort in finding your next home.