Boulevard Beirut

Ain Al Mraysseh, Lebanon


Boulevard Beirut combines the epicurean richness of home-cooked and traditional Lebanese cuisine, labeling itself with a classic combination of the old and the new, pure tradition mixed with sophistication.

Building upon the original techniques and timeless recipes of older generations of Lebanese households, Boulevard Beirut offers the same respected delicacies from mezze to salads to perfectly char-grilled and seasoned barbecue meats.

On Wednesdays, Boulevard Beirut hosts an oriental-themed night, dubbed the first and very unique of its kind, Orb3a Bnoss El Jem3a.

During the night, guests enjoy a very authentic set of live entertainment acts, featuring fortune tellers, story tellers and live Kebbe & Saj stations.

With its locations’ endless amount of history and tradition, Boulevard Beirut is a genuine and authentic neighborhood landmark that will instantly become your home away from home.